Sunday, March 24

I have something up my sleeve. Just bear with me a little longer. This blog will finally have a final home. Keke.

Tuesday, March 5

And there are the times when I feel I'm wasting my life as I sleep my weekends away even though I know it's because I am exhausted. But somehow, I just wake up thinking "Shit, I slept too much" or "Shit, why am I home?" or even "Damn, what am I doing?"

It's very much the thought of 'not living each day to the fullest' that's scary.

Work can be fulfilling, but there's more to Life than work. Gosh, I hate it when days like these come. I just want to squeeze everything in and do everything.

But come to think about it, these bouts of emotion hit me more often now because I've figured out what I want for myself. And the mind is telling me that I should be better spending my time working towards these other goals.

Pace yourself, girl. Pace. But dont take too long too. Or rather, dont take it for granted that there's always a tomorrow.


Sunday, February 24

Sherina is getting married and we are preparing (for) her hen's night. Though, well... I cant exactly say we are the ones actively preparing. She's almost orchestrating her own hen's night. Haha. But, but... Let me give myself some credit by saying that she's 99.9% going to use my suggestions. =p We're going to rent a limo-bus and do a staycation in Sentosa.

And to reminisce the days when my friends and I were less busy with work and are able to do staycations without valid reasons, here's some old(er) photographs. =)

2008, I organised a staycation for my secondary school clique (JNN) at St Regis. Our theme was 'Pyjamas'. Food, games, face masks, heart-to-heart chats and free flow of hot chocolate. =p

Then, we (JNN) were off to Hotel Re! in 2009. And our theme continued to be... 'Pyjamas' cause we did not come in pyjamas for our previous staycation. Haha.

For 2010, I did a 'Chanel' theme for birthday girls Stephanie and Grace. Again, for the third consecutive year, it was for my clique JNN, but at Marina Bay Sands =)

I just have to include a picture of me with the backdrop which I spent a lot of effort on for the ladies to camwhore with. =)

And it's from 2011 that I paused organising staycations. But that did not mean I did not go for any. Keke. My junior college clique (SBCA) organised one at Festive Hotel for Angeline's hen's night.

And if you notice the clothes pegs on our clothes, that's because we were playing a game. For every forbidden word said, we had to put a peg on our clothes and walk around. And I must say, we really do use 'lah' and 'lor' a lot, unconsciously.

2012 was quiet with me just spending a night at The Hotel. It was more of a rejuvenating getaway. Thus, no props, no theme. No nothing. =)

So yes! I am looking forward to Sherina's hen's night which is just round the corner. I will update with lots of photographs. =)

Tuesday, February 19

Teehee. And who would have thought this day will come. Me taking interest in baking?

And the photograph which had me at "hello":-

Credits : mybakingaddiction, Damndelicious, 6 Bittersweets, Przepisy Aleksandry, TWC, Sweetapolita, EINTOPF

But wait, I need to get an oven first. I am serious. The one in the house is spoilt. (^^lll) Erm... Any recipes for baking without an oven? =) And before anyone says no, there is such out there! Shuqin once shared with me a recipe on how to steam a chocolate cake. But that's the only recipe she has too in her huge collection. o_O Talk about rare! =)

Sunday, February 17

And this blog shall breathe again. Cause I finally have my very own laptop! Finally, I can blog while sitting on my bed. Haha. =p

So while I received this fabulous Valentine gift (Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13) four days ago, it took me till now to start using it because... Sometimes, it's like you know the magic is going to happen and you are excited about it, yet you're also a little afraid of what may really happen. Weird, huh?

But the thought of the giver (If I send you something, I am a 'sender'. Thus, to give something, the person is a 'giver'. So I can use 'giver' in this context right? Hee) scolding me for getting me the very thing I need to blog properly yet I'm not using it... I had better start using the laptop fast cause to be scolded is more scary compared to the former.

I conclude I need such people around, but hey! One is enough ahhh... In case some of my friends decide to pull the same stunt and go all fierce on me. *Sheepish grin*

And before I forget, since I have yet to go about doing it, here's me wishing everyone a :-


Talk about better late than never. =p

However, I noticed that quite a number of people are getting the sore throat. Too much new year goodies? I am not spared either. But, but... The funny thing is that my sore throat is definitely not because of all goodies. In fact, my cough started back in November '12. And when I cough, I will cough to the extent of almost vomiting, or even vomiting. And my eyes will go all teary. It's really kinda scary. But my cough did not bother me much cause it was infrequent. Till Monday, second day of Lunar New Year, that is.

My cousin commented "Wow, your cough is very deep." And that did it. I have been coughing a few times daily now. So yes, I highly suspect it's psychological. Since his comment, it's almost like I confirmed my imagination that the insides of my throat has a open wound created by the inhalation of dust particles from being a (construction) site person. (^^lll) Desperate to stop my coughing fits, I tried to remedy by counter-imagining that the open wound has now closed up, which then led to my sore throat on Thursday. (^^lll) Haha. Does this even makes sense to anyone?

It came up on Channel 8 before. About Person A thinking he swallowed a fish bone and could not stop coughing in order to get it out. But when Person B put a fish bone in the sink and went "Hey, there's a fish bone here", Person A stopped coughing cause he thought he has already coughed out the fish bone. Hmm... Anyhow... I am now on Strepsils. Popping one almost every two hours. =)

Wednesday, November 28

Life indeed has its miraculous ways.

Just when I had my mind set on buying the Bvlgari ring. Like seriously, I was full of determination to get it last night. Life dropped me a few timely reminders. Bro YY texted me with news that his school fees are going to be doubled while he's going to take up my offer of flying back.

Oh yah. I told Bro YY that if he's planning to fly back and stay for more than 3 weeks, I will sponsor his flight tickets. Haha. It's an incentive really to get him to come back during his holidays cause we miss him so. =)

So yes, I may be convinced not to get my ring now, but I cant say it's forever. (^^lll) Haha! Bro YY is going to "That's lame" me again for that sentence. Haha.

Sunday, November 25

On Friday, my Mom texted me "Mama dreamt you at top of mountain mediate". (And for the record, the bad English is because she is still having difficulty with her mobile. Ha!)

And mediate is something I am in need of. I acknowledge that my patience has dropped. I get irritated easily. And thus, it got me thinking more. Like what are the things which make me happy. To which I concluded to:-

1) Dance
2) Flowers
3) Good food
4) Quality time

And two weeks ago, I bought myself a bouquet of flowers. It's funny cause in the past, I used to feel that one is a loser to have to buy herself flowers. But as I become older, I don't see why we can't have the right in making ourselves happy. Why do we need to bother about what others think.

"It doesn't matter what other people say about you. What is important is what you say to yourself. Do not be concerned with the judgement of others as long as you know what you are doing is right."

Since roses and calla lilies make myself happy, buy them for myself I shall. =)

Tuesday, November 13

"Either you control your mind or it controls you."

As you can see from my recent posts, I'm totally excited over my current read. =) In fact, I dare say such books actually share the same few philosophies about Life. Really. Having read The Alchemist, Tuesdays with Morrie, etc, I realised these enlightened authors are all saying the same stuff. Instead, it's how they engage us through their different writing styles, and at what enlightenment levels the readers are. (^^lll)

"Under the grand laws of Nature, the mind can only hold one thought at any one time... When an undesirable thought occupies the focal point of your mind, immediately replace it with an uplifting one."

But, but... I cant seem to find a (strong) happy thought when I'm down. Instead, what I thought is a happy thought will also become a sad thought. (^^lll) My mind is weaker than I thought. Yeps.

Thursday, November 8

I am pretty sure many have heard of the following phrase from 'The Alchemist' :-

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

And it's true. The events which have been unfolding during the past weeks have proved so.

I have wanted to update my blog design years back. However, having been turned down by one and unable to figure out the complicating computer language on my own to self design, I gave up. Well, yes, easily too. And I took the short cut by archiving my previous blog to a different address while using one of Blogger's many standard design templates as a quick fix.

However, after picking up the book 'The Monk who sold his Ferrari' recently, I am motivated to give it another shot. And while I was discussing the book content to my close girlfriend, she shared of how it's happening for her. That when one really wants something, life will magically respond and create opportunities.

So while I was really excited for her, I almost failed to realise that my opportunities had come along too. Come Saturday, I will be introduced to a reputable web designer who will create my blog design and show me the ropes to creating my own domain. Yeah!

I am really thrilled. It's like everything is working out as planned. My blog is finally coming together. It's almost like when we think about going home when we're tired from work... If home is the cozy place furnished to how we want it to be, we look more forward to heading back as compared to returning to a home where it's just a hole for us to sleep. Right, right? So similarly, my blog being my online home, I am sure the renovation (change in blog skin) will motivate me to post more. Keke.

I am excited. I cant wait! =)

Monday, November 5

The conversations which the men boys at work exchange never fail to amuse me. And recently, one of my engineers texted me. The text conversation can be a little vulgar to some, though vulgarity is like breakfast to my colleagues. It's as though they must exchange vulgarity in the morning before they can start work properly. Haha.

Colleague 1 : o|o
Me : _|_
Colleague 1 : Why your LJ dont have balls

Me : *Shows text conversation to Colleague 2*

Colleague 2 : "Tell him you dont have ball, but you have mountains"

Me : Colleague 2 tell me to say I dont have balls but I have mountains
Colleague 1 : What mountains? You mean hills ah


Saturday, November 3

So I am currently reading 'The Monk who sold his Ferrari'. I've not read past 50% of it yet, but the book has mentioned about how our mind is like a garden. In fact, quoting the book, it's written :-

"The mind is like a fertile garden and for it to flourish, you must nurture it daily. Never let the weeds of impure thought and action take the garden of your mind. Stand guard at the gateway of your mind. Keep it healthy and strong - It will work miracles in your life if you only let it."

And I am guilty of just that. I am always worrying. Oh yes, I am a worry-er. (^^lll)

I'll go for lunch with colleagues while thinking worrying about work. It's done unconsciously and my colleagues never fail to point it out to me. They said it's written all over my face. (^^lll) And I know it has reached a stage where I should worry (about myself) that I worry too much about work because I dream about work even when I go to bed.

You know how we normally dream about non-realistic and ridiculous things which we brush aside as nightmares after we wake up? Now, I dream about real (work) issues. So it's almost like I am working 24 hours. Just that the 6 to 7 hours worth is energy spent on non-existant work since I am actually sleeping. Though not really sleeping / resting too. Ha.

And so, I concluded that one of the best ways to reduce worrying is to vomit my worries thoughts here. Oh yeah, vomit. HAHA. =p

And the current thought / worry I have now in my mind is about my food blog. If you are a friend or a follower, you probably are shaking your head now. Cause how long have I been talking about reviving my blog (And losing weight too. Ha!)?

Now, now... Let me recap, I've actually started checking out the food scene in Singapore since 5 years back. 5 years worth leh! However, I lacked the determination and action to constantly update my blog. If not, I would be writting incompleted entries. Argh.

And I'm feeling it's such a great pity that I did not follow through properly then. Cause the once-stubborn me is finally flexible to create a separate blog solely for food reviews. But with my newly created food blog, I realised I cant transfer any older food reviews because everything was either not written fully or simply pictures still stored in mobile and not written at all yet. Double argh.

I did think of re-visiting all those places so that I can write my reviews of those places. But, but... It's the struggle between re-visiting places I've been to and visiting the great influx of new eateries in the food industry. (^^lll)

So yes, now that I vomitted that worry out... =p I am moving forth by posting my food reviews within 5 days of visit. As for my backlog (those which I can still remember details of my visit), I shall tackle that by writing and posting 1 per week. I think there should be enough backlog to last me for a year. Seriously. (^^lll)

And for my personal blog, I shall not worry about wanting to include a picture with every post. If my blog is going to be wordy, wordy it shall be. I will write as though I am thinking aloud. Cause that's my true writing style. =)

Sunday, October 21

Ahhh... I should have remembered better why I always tell myself not to watch another Korean romance drama serial, especially after finish watching one. Stairway to Heaven. Lie to Me. And now, Queen In-Hyun's Man.

So what am I left with? One empty tissue box and lots of thought. Well, actually it's many thoughts evolving around one issue; Love. The male leads depict characteristic of what I'll really love in my partner. Charming. Manly. Sensitive. Romantic. Well, romantic and oh! Being tall too will be bonus. Hee =p And so I wonder will I be as fortunate as the female lead in the shows. Or are shows not meant to be brought into reality?

If you know what's your ideal type, will you wait till he/her comes into your life or will you settle (before meeting him/her) because you're not sure if you'll ever cross path with him/her and because the society has set a expiry date on us?

Sunday, October 14

Wisdom tooth? Nooo...

So it started almost three weeks ago when I experienced pain in the lower row of my teeth. Right at the back. And having not visited my dentist for more than two years, I panicked. Haha. The first thought that came into my mind was "Tooth decay!"

And left with no choice, I made an appointment with my dentist. But he was only available two weeks later. So being naive in a way, I quickly bought a battery-operated toothbrush, hoping hard it will reduce the speed of (any) decay. Haha.

So while it was good news to find out from my dentist that the pain was not due to any tooth decay, I'm not too excited about my new findings of the 4 wisdom tooth. I rather friends tease me saying I've no wisdom (cause I've no wisdom tooth. Haha!) than having the possibility of needing to remove the wisdom tooth through surgery. Hee!

Sunday, September 16

And I conclude I should have sent Bro YY off two weeks ago, no matter how high a fever I was running. Cause somehow, my body still refuses to acknowledge that Bro YY has gone off to Switzerland. Hmm...

So yes, in a way, I think I've been feeling kinda depressed since. The house feels quiet without him. I've stopped working too late since Bro YY flew too. I used to work late, and Mommy dearest will make a trip down to the West to pick Bro YY (who's working late too) and I.

In a way, it's good that it has in a way sparked me to really make the effort to strive a balanced life as the mind now yearns for the physical presence of my loved ones. So I am glad to be coming home earlier to catch up with my family members. Though I am also counting down to exactly a year when Bro YY will be back. Even though it's for a short while...

Saturday, August 18

I remember I often hear people saying "When you get older, your friends will become fewer."

Some say it's because as you start your own family, you've less time to socalise. Some reason it out being that you grow in different direction from your friends.

Well, I do understand the latter. But when you're in your late twenties, friends who are still sticking by you are most likely friends who are here to stay. Unless, of course, we stop setting time aside to catch up, etc.

For me, career is definitely at the peak now where I've lots to do. And I have allowed poor time management as an excuse for drifting away from some friends. In fact, it's times like now when I have only this much of free time to meet up with friends that I have also unconsciously done some *cough* filtering. Yeps.

So in a way, I am not surprised that this year, it's has been relatively quiet when it came to my birthday celebration. Ha. But I am thankful. Not that I am trying to comfort myself, but I am truly appreciative of my few groups of friends. =)

And my wonderful ladies who have been with me since Secondary School days celebrated my birthday at OChre. Oh yes, we're no longer girls, but ladies. Ha. =p I'm so glad we were given a round table where we could see each other better, than as compared to a long, rectangular table. And of course, that resulted us in being noisier too. Hee.

And you may read my review of OChre at my food blog!

Sunday, August 12

I have a funny colleague. His jokes can get a little yellow, but it's the clean type of yellow jokes. Ha.

So one day, a hot lady came to look for him at his table. And over lunch, he was recapping the incident :-

Colleague E : You know the banana on my table? It was actually this small. But suddenly, it became twice the original length. I wanted her to quickly leave cause I dont know how to finish the banana if it became triple (its original length).

Haha. Seriously...

Thursday, August 9

And over the past three days (Sunday to Tuesday), I had been helping out at the shrine for the 观音旦 celebration.

There's one segment where the priest will bless items, including a big plate of orchids. And after the blessing, everyone will go forward to take some of the orchids. Ladies will put on their hair while guys will pin to their pocket, in the name of 缘.

So while the aunties were crowding around and choosing their orchids, I eyed from afar a red orchid before scooping it up quickly. But when I stepped aside and opened my hand, I realised stuck among the petals of the big orchid, was a small orchid.

Me to Mom : Mommy! See!!!
Mom : Oh. It means a baby is coming.
Me : *Silence*

And on the same day, when we were all tired from helping out at the full day event, my Mom came up to me.

Mom to Me : Tired ah?
Me : Yah.
Mom to Me : Working hard over the weekend?
( I was out late with my friends)
Me to Mom : Yah. If not how to have baby.
Mom : *Silence*

Haha. I love teasing my Mom. =p

Saturday, August 4

And the water lily is in full bloom!!! My Mom always says it's good luck when her water lilies bloom. So I'm saying "I'm having a very blessed year being 28th!!!"

Now, shall I purchase 365 pots and stagger them such that a water lily blooms every day? Oh wait, I should have 730. In case 1 does not bloom, there's still the second. (^^lll) Haha. I'm obviously kidding. Even if I plant 1000, 1 may not bloom if they are not meant to bloom. =)

Happy birthday to myself. Yeah!

Thursday, August 2

Work has been crazily yet fruitfully busy.

And because we've a roster for weekend shifts, I thought it's Saturday tomorrow when one of my colleagues was looking at the roster. Oh yes, there's always a crowd in front of the roster on Fridays. Haha.

Guy A : *Looks at roster*
Guy B to Guy A : Can you do whole day?
Me : *Overhears conversation*
Me to Guy C : I'm on leave tomorrow ah...
Me : *Pause*
Me : Oh, wait. It's only Friday tomorrow


But in the midst of all the mad rush, I managed to find time to go for my IPL session yesterday. Ha. When I first started on my IPL years back, the best deal they had then was $1 per shot. But now with all the websites like Groupon, etc, my so-called best deal is a very expensive package now. So I told myself "If I see any (IPL deal) for legs, I'm going for it."

And alas, the day came. But! As you might have guessed, there's a catch somewhere...

I purchased the $129 Groupon voucher for 12 sessions. And when I called to make my first appointment, I was surprised to hear the other end speaking Chinese. Now, The Beauty Boutique is located just beside Clementi Bus Interchange. Very accessible, I say. And at my first session, I learnt that each session is limited to 16 shots. That's very few especially for me who has big surface area. I'm not called thunderous thighs for nothing. Oh wait, the IPL treatment is on my lower legs, not upper. Hee. Well, I have huge calves muscles (Need to balance off my thunderous thighs, mah. Haha).

And of course, the staff at The Beauty Boutique went on to explain that I can go for a year's worth of unlimited by topping up $880 - $129 = $751.

I had my reservation cause I go to onlyAesthetics for IPL too. And ever since onlyAesthetics participated on websites similar Groupon, it's forever hard to make an appointment. Even with an appointment, I need to wait for as long as 45 minutes. (^^lll)

Though the lady attending to me was not pushy, I decided to go for the package cause it's located very near to my office. Haha. I'm assuming shorter travelling time to the beauty salon means more IPL sessions cause knowing myself, I can get lazy and waste my package.

I used 50 shots on my first visit which I personally felt it should be more cause the IPL shots felt pretty spaced out. But I'll judge its efficiency after I head back for my subsequent sessions.

Now, I just need to hurrily finish up my (remaining) shots at onlyAesthetics.